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halloween by hemingway

31 Oct

here you have it.

being the english majors we will forever be,

attending a shindig with a literary theme,

spending zero dollars,

i present to you,

the old man and the sea:

get it? the c?

the old man passed out individually-wrapped caramels from his pockets to party-goers, only one of which accepted his creepy offering. the c, well, she tried to stay close enough for the costume to make sense, and to help the old man to his seat if he got tired of standing about with the younguns.

not sure if hemingway would appreciate the punnery or not.

but i sure did.

i did not however, get a better picture, or one in which my eyes were less ghoulish.

halloween for the win.

what will we be for halloween: a hint

30 Oct

curiouser and curioser

do you see it?

29 Oct

separated at birth?

do you see it?

the resemblance is uncanny.

the hair swoops, the eyes curve into beautiful moons as they smirk, the joy smushes us together into one happy blob.

a beautiful blob, indeed.

sisters from different families, on different journeys, in different fonts, but all writing their story, weaving it together through this thing we do. if just for this picture, i’m grateful for the blog blob.

if you don’t recognize this family of sisters – get to know them. they are beautiful inside and out:

(from the left, up, and around)

i am heavy with happiness from being in their presence.

*photo credit the wonderful sprittibee. the only one smart enough to snap good pictures of the overflowing joy at relevant last week.