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the magic behind magic bars

30 Sep

i’m supposed to be working right now, laying belly-down on the floor, just up from a nap induced by the headache induced by looking at the computer too much.

needless to say, not getting much done.

so i started thinking about sugar, and about magic, and about magic bars. and about the magical way posting on a consistent basis makes me feel like i’ve produced something delicious. conversely, going a week without posting makes me feel like the fridge is full of tupperware i’m afraid to open and the bread is all molding as we speak.


the original magic bar recipe, courtesy of, heaven of sweets & goodness.

if you can read my writing – you can introduce yourself to this lovely cast of characters.and yes, that says drool. and it’s not optional.

buttah, graham crackers, coconut, chocolat, walnuts (or any nuts), and condensed milk.

this baby works in layers. here we have our pretty pan after layer 1 – melted butter, layer 2 – graham cracker crumbs, and layer 3 – coconut flakes

even better. introducing layer 4 – chocolate chips and layer 5 – chopped walnuts.

and now for the real magic maker – condensed milk.

rumor has it that originally this stuff was created to make milk last longer, but i cannot imagine drinking it straight. wowza. but pouring it all over these bars is what i like to call, bringing-da-magic.

see what i mean?

40 minutes later:

the trickiest part is knowing when to take them out. joyofbaking says the knife will come out clean, but come on, there’s melted chocolate in there. 35 minutes is about right for me, and then let it sit and set for a good while before cutting.


weird lighting aside, these babies are welcome in my house any day.

full recipe here.

make some magic!

on wednesdays

29 Sep

if the week is a bell curve, wednesday is an A.

but no one uses the bell curve anymore, do they? it’s neither fair nor logical – and neither is wednesday.

it’s long and crowded, but the end is on the horizon and if you squint you can see it coming.

i secretly love wednesdays.

yesterday, a tuesday, i had a run in my hose and anxious in my stomach. but no one noticed. i’m again thankful for my pale skin – the color of translucent hose. i put the anxious to rest with wit and charm not my own, but channeled from a stronger me and the truth that you can keep eggs in many, pretty-colored baskets.

today i turned on the fan so i could bundle up in a new sweater. pacing myself for the wednesday ahead, not wanting to crowd the work that needs to be done and the people i need to connect with.

i’m a lucky girl, in ways i don’t know or understand, and today, a wednesday, i just want to love.

hope you have a wednesday worth loving. don’t crowd the good stuff.

a glimpse of saturday

28 Sep

nothing like a good celtic parade and highland games to spice up your saturday.

i would have tripped over those pom-poms most definitely

winner: best hat

freedom high school band

not so celtic, but so cool

and a whole lot of this going on

so many men in kilts. and little boys. kind of cute.

next on the festival schedule: harvest festival. think soups, pies, pumpkins, and beer, not necessarily in that order.