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move on over . . .

18 Sep

if you’re here, you just missed me.

moved on up to

come and see!

brick hunting

12 Jul

bethlehem: september 2010

hardhat on,
blueprints hazy,
i feel the need to build.

to take a step back,
and find the right tools,
gather brick & mortar,
look before i hammer.

safety first, in real and in metaphor.

i’ll let you know when it’s safe to stop by in your open-toed shoes.

would if i could if i . . .

4 Jul

if i had stopped dancing long enough, i would have called.
to let you hear the talking heads tribute band,
and to tell you how i hope i dance like those ladies when i’m almost-old,
fearless and so very free.
but never let me cut my hair like theirs. please and thank you much.

if i had only thought to take more photos,
of sister three’s visit to christmas city.
i could show you the height and laugh and glow of the girl,
a decade behind yet light years ahead.

i would have, should have saved you one,
from our barbecue and celebration.
strawberry, white chocolate, & blue.
between wiffle ball, burgers, and charades, i fear i missed my chance.
you’ll have to come again . . .

the summer is sweet here; i swear it.