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thanks and giving and travel and family

30 Nov

a little math for your tuesday morning:

5e =/> 4c

5am eastern is equal to if not greater than 4am central time.

this is what i learned over our little thanksgiving vacation.

wednesday, we rose at 5am and somehow avoided all the blasted travel & security woes we were banking on, leaving us with 3 hours to spare in the philly airport, at our gate. BUT there was chick-fil-a, so all was well.

sunday, we rose at 4am to leave the hotel at 5am and hope to make our 6am flight. we did. and then sat on the plane for an hour, while a very angry toddler screamed and the mechanics attempted to fix a pesky hydraulic issue. BUT we made it home before noon, so all was well.

in between the travels: all was very well indeed:

we celebrated the 21st birthday of luke’s sister katelyn . . .

sporting the goods

siblings celebrate

bonus sister!

we went to chicago with BOTH families to see Billy Elliot . . .

walking in the windy city

bundle o' sisters

ahhh, the theatre

and, as predicted, a whole lot of this happened . . .

three's a family

i think the difficult travel equation was totally worth it.

dear monday me / november 29, 2010

29 Nov

sound the trumpets!
ring the bells!

deck the halls and all that jazz . . .

marshall fields - chicago, november 2010

you’re days away from the last full step –
from wrapping and packing and bundling up necks.

it’s time at last to set all good things free
you’ve held hostage in boxes since last new years day.

like movies and music and signature socks –
you’ve been waiting to wear that red sweater for months.

the weeks that approach inspire such glee!
(your only excuse for such poor poetry)

in these last days of one as you digest your thanks,
think fondly of the next and prepare for the Grace.

you can’t contain it,

nor explain it,

so revel away . . .

as the countdown begins for old Christmas day.

virtual coffee: to-go style

23 Nov

i fear i only have time for a to-go cup today.

much to do before we drive to fly to drive to be with family tomorrow.


i think it’s about time to get out of town again, if i’m reading the signs correctly.

those signs being that my quiche was mysteriously dead-sea salty and i wasn’t invited to oprah’s favorite things episode (1 OR 2 dagnabit).

life really is good when those are the bad signs.

regardless, i’m taking this coffee to go. and if i could i would put it in a camelback so i could sip as i walk up and down the victorian-runner in our hall, sending nearly-invisible dust flying from beneath it with each step.

today: working from home, packing from home, cleaning from home.

tomorrow: leaving for Home.

where this will be happening again for the first time since July:

sorry to drink and run . . . how’s your holiday prep coming?

tell me some good signs you’re seeing in your neck of the woods.