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five years in five minutes

25 Feb

five minutes, no edits, happy friday!

linking up with lisa jo and her 5 minute friday fun. check out the rest of the writers here!


february 2006

a freshman in every way, i embraced everything.

hindsight was not on the agenda.

until now.

looking back on five years ago, i see through mixed emotions.

i miss her long hair, but laugh at the hundred-dollar highlights.

i see me in her eyes, but note changes in the face.

i can hear her friends laughing, exploring her hometown wal-mart, stopping for a photoshoot in arts & crafts, then immediately rushing home to change their facebook photos to matching garden scenes.

her laugh rings higher and louder than all the rest.

i still break out that coat when days can’t decide on a season, and i can’t decide how i feel about her.

i hope she’s happy with where we’ve ended up, a different kind of garden, new things blooming alongside the plastic bouquet that now sits at the threshold of the next 5 years.

i might break out that loud laugh today, just for her.

thirteen days

24 Feb

that’s how many i’m home in march.


pardon my math, but that’s less than half the month.



i’m gonna need a jumbo pack of dramamine and a steady stream of coffee.

so if it’s a little quiet ’round here, at least you’ll know why. i try my best to keep you informed if nothing else :).


21 Feb

the wind is working hard to make herself known.

raising quite a ruckus.

tearing trimming from our third floor eaves,
whipping at windows with every gust,
until finally, mercifully, pulling it to the ground.

she seeps in every crevice left open to her,
finding cracks to whistle through,
keeping the warmth from settling,
making all uneasy.

in the mid-sleep hours, i breathe in and out,
my own wind fights to whisk away what keeps me above dream.

meaningless to chase.

harborer of change.

the wind and i must settle scores:
surely she carries something in her wings apart from snow & sidewalk soot.
surely she brings hope with all that howling, a heavy dose of riffraff removal under foot.

i slip below to sub-level dreaming, and all is still.
i float where the wind can’t rush me, and she smiles.


speaking of chasing the wind . . . our serial story continues today with Frank doing some chasing of his own. Seth has really amped up the drama this week – I hope you’re reading along! you can start from the beginning here! happy monday!