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go ahead, prompt me

31 Jan

you are in a room, an empty room. the only thing in this empty room is a chair.
describe the chair and how it makes you feel.

the handle is hardly attached. the seats no longer cushioned. the plaid has faded to a dull blur, and yet the chair beckons.


i fall back without wondering what will catch me – doubt put on hold by the slow, easy descent. halfway airborne, the footstool unfolds, eager to meet me on landing.

i sit.
i rest.

but the pilling fabric begins to stick, the springs jab hard at my squirming skin. i reach for the handle to right my sinking ship but it snaps . . . a shipwrecked oar.

i sit.
(i breathe.)

a last gulp before the dive.

headrest meets footstool and i am folded over. swallowed. stomach to knees, spinning beneath the faded plaid. down into the dirty down, grasping for change, trash, a lost boy’s lego . . . i reach the floor. the end.

i rest.
i wonder.

from this vantage, below, i know: not all rest is easy. not all stillness comfortable.

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the bliss

30 Jan

we came,

we dreamed,

we danced.

when i think of this, my heart runs amuck in the best way.

boy did we dance.

more soon, but did you see this?

a little work reveal (or: a post-blissdom giveaway)

26 Jan

hokay, ladies and gents.

well, mostly ladies.

let the fun begin.

today, i bring you my first official post on my new employment endeavor (read: job) which has been under wraps for the last few months. as i am en route to blissdom for what i like to call fork (fun work wordjam, kappow!)  – a marvelous world of music is at last being revealed.

Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music is a super exciting project that i am thrilled to be a part of. tons of talented, creative, musical people have been pouring their hearts into Quaver’s World for years now, and they just invited me in on the tail end of things.

they thought i wouldn’t be able to mess things up that way. boy were they wrong.


Meet Quaver:

yes - he's always that excited!

The proprietor of a wacky and wonderful music store from which he enlightens and educates kids everywhere about music! His goal is to help parents and teachers inspire a love of music in children!

Quaver’s Elementary School Program is an amazing supplement for music educators! The Program includes 30 highly educational music episodes with accompanying teacher guides, as well as stacks of online resources including: Interactive whiteboard activities, hundreds of audio tracks, scores of all of Quavers’ original songs, interactive quizzes, and access to Quaver’s website where ‘creatives’ allow kids to create and save music online.

The Program is flexible, allowing teachers to use different elements to teach younger students the fundamentals of music and an entertaining way to summarize subjects for older students. Quaver’s Homeschool Program, coming soon with the help of real-life-rockstar-homeschoolers, will be customized for homeschool families and at home music-appreciation for everyone!

Join us on Facebook and Twitter today to see for yourself and get to the good part of the post! :)

And hear what Quaver himself has to say about encouraging kids through music at My Home Sweet Home Online!


my first official undertaking as digital media strategist for Quaver Music was getting a ticket to blissdom and permission to give something away to a lucky  attendee.

i can’t wait to chat with some of you and spill more of the wonderful beans of this program. i truly believe it will ignite a love of music in kids and bring them (and their families) oodles of joy and learning: two things i love, even if i can’t sing!

SO . . . to win the FULL, HUGE, HONKIN’, KIT & KABOODLE – all the DVDs, all the Teacher’s Guides and extra online resouces, all of it!: all you have to do is talk to me.

this is what i look like . . . looking at myself from different angles . . .

if this doesn't creep you out, nothing will

find me, give me your business card, and tell me a little bit about yourself, your kids, music in your home, your favorite song, anything! and you’ll be entered to win! i’ll draw from the cards i receive when i get home from blissdom and the winner will receive a complete program – for school teachers or homeschoolers – mailed to their door!

even I would talk to ME for a chance to watch this in its entirety:

if you can’t find me just shoot a tweet to @QuaverMusic and i’ll hunt you down!

not going to blissdom? do not fear – i will have more to giveaway soon :)