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concrete jungle

28 Oct

i kid you not. everytime i’ve been in nyc (count ’em, twice this Fall), i’ve heard that song.

the first trip, a completely normal-looking young woman just started belting it in the street: “new yoooooooorrrkkkkkkk . . . concrete jungle where dreams are made of , there’s nothing you can’t do . . .  “

it just wells up in you, when you’re there.

last week, when i took a day trip with an NYC travel-pro, we stumbled on a roller-skating dance party in central park (why not, right?), and guess what they were getting their skate on to? “new yoooooorrrrrrkkkkk . . . these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you . . . “

and if i’d had my skates, i would have joined them.

everything it says is true. except maybe the part about de niro – i didn’t see him around this time. there is something about cities like new york that just makes you feel huge and tiny at the same time. like you could take on the world or disappear from the face of it in an instant.

i can’t get enough of that jam.

and i can never get enough pictures of nyc.

never enough central park:

perfect park day

strawberry fields

fountains galore

statues - even more!

never enough secret spaces:

high line park

rooftop gardens

never enough tourist fun:



signs of christmas

i just can’t get enough!

sing it with me . . . “new yooooorrrrrkkkkkkk”


the calendar hustle

27 Oct

i’ve never had so many plane tickets lined up.

never anticipated reunion so.

sister moments. couch time with favorite friend.

days of thanks with family.

a trip with those girls who grew me up.

a long exhale at home for the holidays.

it’s all coming . . .

and i can’t keep my countdowns straight.

i want to carve tallies in the wall and watch them pile up until i am there.

home is where you rush the calendar days to be.

virtual coffee: sip 4

26 Oct

happy tuesday friends. interested in a few minutes of chatting over coffee?

i thought so.

i’m sure you have important things to do today – but really, you need the coffee. and the chat. i know i do.

i’m dying to tell you about my weekend in harrisburg. it was an adventure in real-life relationships. i cherished the faces i’d only seen in boxes and heard voices for the first time that i’ve imagined from the screen.

scar sisters

“your feet dance,” she told me. and i laughed harder than i ever have, just me, at my computer.

we share more than initials

“this hug has been a long time coming,” she whispered. and i squeezed harder than was possibly appropriate.

new friends and new partnerships were born. for work and play and joy and learning. i felt an invitation to the upside-down kingdom, to go lower, and embrace humility. i felt turned around and slapped in the face, and all good can come.

if you were here, i would try to explain this, and i would fail. i would be forced to sip my coffee and just sigh.

how do you do it?

how do you process the un-processable of friends and faith and inside-out changes?