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interstate relations

31 May

when you’re fourteen hours from family, sometimes you’ve gotta drive.
all day and then again back, for a few days together halfway.

columbus was the setting for our feast of fun and family.
celebrating 55 years for two and the joys of everyday for one only two-years-old.

lessons learned: ice cream is always the answer, the cops are around every bend in the holiday road, and family is always worth the trouble.

here to anythere: days 3 through end

23 May

it seems i’m a claustrophobic traveler,
anxiety builds as the semis surround,
so i choose the slow, right lane for the extra air.

space before speed, i say,
and sense sanity & safety nodding with fervor.

in the slow lane stillness i exhale.
a week plus with wings a’flapping leaves me breathing hard and craving space.

craving home and nest and pizza dough on the counter.
it grows to fill the space it’s given,
as home rises in me a full and hearty heart.

i too rise and fall.
shrinking solitary in still space and growing gregarious when given the chance.

i too am a bit doughy from the week’s good eating.

i hope this batch will forgive me,
when i smother it in onions
and bake at 500 degrees.

some spaces, though necessary, are hotter than others.


headed out of the crow’s nest for a week plus on the road –
snapshots recorded here.
home now and so happy.

here to anythere: day 2

15 May

passing home

how many homes can a single heart hold?
we pass a well-worn exit and i think of one:

i remember in layers.

first airbrush tees, bungee chords, rod runs, and pancakes.
then mountain haunts, waterfalls, grass stains, and bare feet.

in quickly passing,
i curse the traffic,
but smile as i see the light.

for all this once-home’s strangeness, the truth is plain to see:
local means most where tourists roam free.


heading out of the crow’s nest for a week plus on the road –
snapshots recorded here.