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on morning runs

30 Mar

at five ’til six in the city, nothing stirs save my resistance.

this time of year, i’m greeted by the full moon – begging me to believe it’s light enough to be morning, reminding me of the season, and the stillness.

i don’t run fast, or far, or in the right clothes, but i’ve learned to enjoy the hour, the cold. the simple act of get up and go seems to add momentum to my day, shake the cobwebs, and grant space to what is stirring in me.

only at daybreak can i track the growth of the park’s newest saplings, fighting to grow as their neighbors have for so long.

only at daybreak do i notice the consistency of nashville’s bus drivers, before a difficult commuter or traffic jam has thrown their schedule. they encourage my drive.

i share a camaraderie with the few who grace the streets. the neighborhood dogs who answer only to the neighborhood, the caned old man shuffling as he sings, the real runner racing by with a watch and a goal. we share a smile. they know the morning.

sometimes i meet a friend for part of the run, and we share a few sleepy words. it’s nice to know someone is waiting for me a mile in, up that hill i hate, with a smile and a joke. but often i run alone, respecting the silence of the hour. surprised later when my voice doesn’t work, though i’ve been up so long.

it only takes half an hour. to set up my day with such peace and consistency.

when i emerge again from my cozy home, i share a secret with the sun.

“i’ve seen what you look like when you roll out of bed,” i tell her.

“and it’s beautiful.”

good morning. in every way.

dear monday me / march 29 2010

29 Mar

today you witness spring, quintessential.

deceivingly steady morning rain.

birds joyfully taking their first of many family puddle baths.

pinks and peaches, shy at first. finally join green in painting the town.

on spring, spring on.

what else new is blooming? bursting to take first tentative steps.

make like spring and bring life, color, and joy with you this week.

there are some still hiding in the cold, waiting to emerge. ideas, plans, possibilities.

on spring, spring on!

birthdays are for baking

24 Mar

tonight i got to celebrate a dear friend, and stretched myself to try something i’ve never done:


without a box. without duncan, martha, or betty by my side. it was an exhilarating experience complete with homemade icing in all of its powdered sugar goodness.

i’ll spare you pictures of the 900 bowls, spoons, and spatulas it took me to get the job done, but i’m pretty pleased with the result:

yummingbird cake

and i think libby was too :)

older and sweeter

if you have friends and they have birthdays, may i recommend this delicious cake? the recipe calls for two layers of hummingbird wonderment, but i was equal parts scared to layer and controlling our portions. enjoy!

check out the recipe for hummingbird cake via food network magazine