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another adieu

29 Apr

if you know me, or happen to have read this, you will remember the passing of a loyal but aging piece of technology not too long ago.

a moment of silence for this dear friend.

thank you.

today i bring you another eulogy of sorts.

i bet you didn’t think i’d know what a yougoogalie is .

this friend was bigger, believe it or not. think: large and in charge, full of laughter and drama. we spent many an evening together, just sitting as a family, watching each other . . . well really just us . . . watching him . . . our old t.v.

i feel bad that we never gave him a name. he was gifted to us as an upgrade from our tiny dorm-sized t.v. when the in-laws went on a de-cluttering spree. he made the long journey south tucked in blankets in the trunk of the focus. we struggled to move him into the treehouse, and he’s been a living room staple ever since. he didn’t draw attention – but was there when we needed him.

that is, until, he got sick.

for months now, the poor t.v. has had bouts of sickness, something respiratory i think – or maybe vascular, i’m no doctor. i know he had a bad tube somewhere, but to help him feel better we would pat him on the back, err, pound his top until he snapped back to normal.

this week, dear t.v. shut his eyes for good. i could still hear his sweet voice, like his grandfather the radio, but my best defibrillator impersonations showed not the smallest blip on his stats. after a few tears, most for the fact that i was alone with him when he went, i said by goodbyes and pulled the cable chord.

in his place, now, after much huffing and puffing (dear t.v. never thought much for diets) sits a distant cousin. another gift from the other parentals. this t.v. is only slightly thinner, and has her own quirks, like a backless remote that struggles to keep its batteries in place. while she’ll never be dear old t.v. – i have great confidence that we can make it a few more years with these hand-me-down friends.

you just can’t buy this kind of personality.

or move it, apparently, without a strategic operation and a few pulled back muscles. now how do i get it off the floor and out of the living room?

i think he’s making the new girl nervous.

dear monday me / april 26 2010

26 Apr

there’s little difference between a blank page and a full one.

besides color and contrast.

as the sky has the same eerie hue before and after a storm,

as the choice is just as hard with no options or a dozen,


there are degrees, you realize.

the sky’s melancholy has its moods.

but the page, unlike the choice, can be written and erased. crumbled and begun afresh.

reconstructed into something new – with only pink shavings or the garbage bin any worse for wear.

there’s little difference between a blank page and a full one.

once you choose what you want to write.

p.s. for an update on saturday’s 1/2 marathon success, check out this video by the hubs on the excitement of the day from a bystanders p.o.v.


25 Apr


seemed like a lot longer than that – but it flew by with the help of my cheerleaders:

training partner:

pig tails:

and salt pills :).

thinking about doing another one in the fall – who’s with me?