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while you were out

13 Jun

i left piles, made messes, but always closed the blinds.
i ran errands, a few miles, and the air conditioner plenty.

i spoke softly, around noon, to the first person i saw each day.
sometimes the mailman or a phone call, once accidentally at the morning news.
you would have laughed, too,
at me and the faux pas.

i stayed up later, unsure, of the creaks and the whir of the fan.
the sound machine sounds different from your side of the bed.

i watched t.v. – too much – seasons and seasons of a latest addiction.
i cried for fictional texas strangers & jumped at the neighbor’s bike starting.
i took out the recycling.
i walked alone.

i was mostly fine, with just enough time, to think myself under a rock.
especially at night,
when the stillness settled thick,
i wondered myself to sleep.

where were you?
what time was it?
were you comfortable and at peace?
what new vistas would change the way you see while i sleep?

as i checked the lock or shopped for one,
i couldn’t help but smile . . .
for the minute by minute truths your awayness brought home:
how much i am me,
home is home,
and this life is as sweet as it is,
because you’re mine.


posted in anticipation of a late night airport pick up after 2 weeks away.

time travelin’

9 Jun

did you know japan is 13 hours ahead of pennsylvania?

luke is *literally* in the future,
making it especially ironic that a nice japanese man told him,
through a translator of course,
that he looks like marty mcfly.

he's gonna kill me

i didn’t believe it, but now i’m not so sure.
i think i’ll go thrifting for a puffy red vest.


clearly the heat is getting to me,
as i crank the a.c. for whichever room i occupy
and struggle to focus on the work at hand.

in this solo state, i’m soaking up friends, catching up on abby-time,
and trying to imagine what it’s like 13 hours in the future.

cheers to you in whatever time you dwell.

interstate relations

31 May

when you’re fourteen hours from family, sometimes you’ve gotta drive.
all day and then again back, for a few days together halfway.

columbus was the setting for our feast of fun and family.
celebrating 55 years for two and the joys of everyday for one only two-years-old.

lessons learned: ice cream is always the answer, the cops are around every bend in the holiday road, and family is always worth the trouble.