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i blame march

3 Apr

i’m out of words, must’ve left them on a plane somewhere with a cold sweat and hot air.

having a hard time remembering even where i’ve been.

one thing i do know. last night i was in a great american ballpark, literally.

Reds Opening Night

Reds Opening Night

Reds Opening Night

Reds Opening Night

welcome april. welcome spring. welcome baseball.

blog as therapist, on winter

23 Mar

on saturday i was coatless in the sunny, springing south.

today i hear the drip of melty, mushy snow from another round of winter.

and if i’m honest i find no partiality to either version of march.

i am too often defined, riled, and mood-altered by what’s outside the window.

(i think it has something to do with not wanting to take the temperature of what’s inside).

snow, i accept you.

and i will not let you keep me from going out for mexican tonight.

the end.

a lazy, linky christmas card

23 Dec

merry christmas from my side of the screen to yours!

the barnhart family does new york

if i did get around to writing a christmas letter this week it would include such well-expressed highlights as:

  • hey, we moved! yep, to bethlehem (pennsylvania, not palestine)
  • we now live in a crow’s nest.
  • luke just checked off one semester down in his masters-degree-getting. he’s studying english literature at lehigh university, teaching freshmen a thing or two about composition, and loving life in the lehigh valley!
  • abby worked the freelance life for a while and now has settled into a job as the (self-titled) digital marketing strategist for a kid’s music company. more to come in 2011 on that excitement. her favorite things about life right now include trips to NYC with visiting friends, exercising with jillian michaels, walking the streets of our little town, fixing up our new place, cooking a lot, and writing here on this little blog.
  • in the new year i’m looking forward to reading through the bible in 90 days with some bloggers and friends, working on my creative writing a bit more, seeing a few freinds tie the knot, and getting our many wonderful closets organized.

it’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to love it!

merry christmas friends!