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a little face lift

21 Sep

no not the lifestyle lift.

just a little makeover for da ole blog.

whatcha think?

click around and let me know – some new stuff in the tabs up top, too!

happy glee returns day!

movin’ on up

10 Jul

north is up, right? that’s how i always pictured it.

well, according to this map i found on the interweb, pennsylvania is definitely more “up” than tennessee.

don't look too close at this map - it's a little old :).

and folks, that’s where we’re headed.

to pennsylvania. (you now have the option to say that with a dracula accent or not, i choose to about half the time.)

having never lived north of well, here, i’m finding it impossible to predict what it will feel like to live so far from sweet tea and southern drawls. so, i did what any child of the internet would do, i did some wiki-research.

pennsylvania – |ˌpensəlˈvānyə| – a state in the northeastern U.S., with a short coastline along Lake Erie in the far northwest; pop. 12,281,054; capital, Harrisburg; statehood, Dec. 12, 1787. Founded in 1682 by William Penn, it became one of the original thirteen states

state dog: great dane.

state tree: hemlock.

state motto: virture, liberty and independence.

state beverage: milk?

those are good things, right?

well, get ready for more good things! like the answer to the obvious question: WHY?

after a roller coaster of applications,waiting, and more and more waiting, the hubs has snagged a spot in a great graduate program at lehigh university in bethlehem, pennsylvania. he’ll be teaching freshman writing, getting a master’s in english lit, and soaking up the academic world once again.

tell me this isn’t a beautiful place?

you know what’s even more beautiful? we’re going on an adventure! moving to a new place, starting new jobs, defining who we want to be around new people, in a new part of the country. new, new, new, new. who knew it would be so fun!

and the best part? we get to do it together – a little bit of old with all the new!

this week, as i start attempting to engage in the ridiculous act of packing, i’ll be focusing on the new, but cherishing my sweet nashville.




friends i refuse to do without

five years in nashville.

going to need a whole bunch of posts to download on that . . . but for now, we’re movin’ on up north in T-minus 3 weeks, and i’m excited for the new!

a note on theatricality

26 May

theatricality |θēˈatriˈkalitē|

noun: state of being exaggerated & excessively dramatic

i admit it.

i love glee.

really, what’s not to love?

i – tone deaf as all get out – can sing-a-long with ridiculously good-looking, ill-aged highschoolers with perfect pitch, matching dance moves, and just the right amount of pop-culture sass. i don’t know about you, but that’s always what i’m looking for in a tv show.

this week’s episode, which i finally watched in 2 minute bites with our molasses of a wireless signal, was all about theatricality. i watched. i laughed. i sang along (only while no one else would be harmed by my attempts at gleekdom). i may have even teared up a bit during poker face. the point is. the drama was entertaining, even a bit addictive.

theatricality. exaggerated, excessive drama. it’s all well and good when it includes jocks in red, rubber dresses, and accompanists who appear out of nowhere. it’s a different beast altogether when the drama is internal and the exaggeration exhausting.

this month has been a bit theatrical. it doesn’t take long to make a list as long as my arm of drama – the painful, heart-wrenching kind – going on around me.

physically, so many have lost home, belongings and loved ones in the floods here in nashville. irreplaceable things. rain, exaggerated beyond belief. the waters have at last receded. in their wake, significant emotional damage and a slew of other five-alarm days have added scene after scene to the unending drama. even miles and hours away, friends are adding tears to the river and voices to the songs of hurting.

it’s just so heavy. i keep waiting for the intermission, the eye of the storm. no drama queen can keep it together, holding this high a note for so long.

for my tired friends and family, self and city, i wish hope and peace. an end to the theatrics save glee. some time to heal and see each other sans stage makeup.

sometimes the most dramatic scene is full of excessive, exaggerated, silence. while resting my voice for the next big number, i’m praying this for all.