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dear monday me / june 6, 2011

6 Jun

monocacy park, june 2011

june bugs buzz where the tracks cross the trail;
around the last bend a festival of fisherchildren fly.

celebration, unexpected.
complete with port-o-potties, popcorn stands, and trophies to scale.
this city lives up to its name.

yet the water holds its ground,
despite jabbing young hooks on parallel banks.
smoothness unbothered in its saturday swell.

in a week of deep diving solitude,
you channel this illusion of stillness.
there is much beneath the surface,
yet peace lands with the water-bugs, gently on the glassy green.

flipping the travel coin

3 Jun
Bridge of Osaka, Japan

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march was for travelers; me exclusively.

domestic port-hopping,
convention hall vistas,
late night grub-grabs,
hotel du jour.

through the blur of clouds and strangers, i saw only as far as the next layover.

this morning i flipped the travel coin, and spent twilight hours sending luke on a great adventure.

to japan via san fran, with long overdue cousin-time on tap.
after a roller coaster flight mix-up twenty-four hours before takeoff,
it’s a relief just to know he’s en route.

and i’m flying solo for the first time in this nest.
looking forward to some time to prune and preen, reclaim routine,
and let the wind air out the rafters.

i’ll also be cooking what i want and turning on the window a.c. whene’r it reaches 90.

cheers to a week of playing at home and sending all love and good stories to the away team on the other side of the world.