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backwards . . .

10 Jun

it’s friday, and i’ve got 5 minutes.

do you?

the harpeth, may 2010

summer oh ten.
a year rewound to a different world.
hours south in a raw, flooded land, we floated a memory-al day away.

the trees held trash and the rocks sighed relief,
the storm had passed and the young ones brought joy –
the loud, rambunctious, canoe-flipping kind only measured in straw hats and sunburn.

we spotted a secret waterfall and left our boats to hunt and dive.
rented or not, this was worth every hot, sharp rock step.
no slips.
no slides.
just summer.

i look back and wish we’d never found our way out.

time travelin’

9 Jun

did you know japan is 13 hours ahead of pennsylvania?

luke is *literally* in the future,
making it especially ironic that a nice japanese man told him,
through a translator of course,
that he looks like marty mcfly.

he's gonna kill me

i didn’t believe it, but now i’m not so sure.
i think i’ll go thrifting for a puffy red vest.


clearly the heat is getting to me,
as i crank the a.c. for whichever room i occupy
and struggle to focus on the work at hand.

in this solo state, i’m soaking up friends, catching up on abby-time,
and trying to imagine what it’s like 13 hours in the future.

cheers to you in whatever time you dwell.

steel stack view

7 Jun

everywhere you go in this town you see them.

a reminder of what built the row houses & neighborhooods,
the spirit & history of this community.

and everytime i see them;
around the corner,
rising from the river through the orange and blush of sunset,
through the cemetery’s trees,
on every horizon,

i’m surprised at how beautiful i find them.


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