make my heart go bloom, bloom

21 Apr

drivers view on center st.

if march is for travelers then april is for all the rest.

the rest of us, and resting us.

as snappy twigs stretch into full flourishing branches, it’s not just the trees feeling bloomy today.

i was lapped several times this morning by a goggled man, gray hairs peaking out of his cap. without a word or evident effort he sliced through the water, easy strokes and confident turns. instead of inadequate, i felt stronger by association. silly, yes – in my junior size swim cap and water-logged ears – but strong and sprouty and solid.

the next weeks are full-bloomed bouquets of excitement. parties. birthdays. travels of the vacationing breed. the hunt for more air conditioning units in preparation for summer’s heat harvest.

hopefully some story will be blooming as well.
feeling a little stuffed up on the creative front, but happy to be resting with the rest of us this spring.

One Response to “make my heart go bloom, bloom”

  1. sugarmouse April 21, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    i’ve fallen in so much like with the way you write (:

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