21 Feb

the wind is working hard to make herself known.

raising quite a ruckus.

tearing trimming from our third floor eaves,
whipping at windows with every gust,
until finally, mercifully, pulling it to the ground.

she seeps in every crevice left open to her,
finding cracks to whistle through,
keeping the warmth from settling,
making all uneasy.

in the mid-sleep hours, i breathe in and out,
my own wind fights to whisk away what keeps me above dream.

meaningless to chase.

harborer of change.

the wind and i must settle scores:
surely she carries something in her wings apart from snow & sidewalk soot.
surely she brings hope with all that howling, a heavy dose of riffraff removal under foot.

i slip below to sub-level dreaming, and all is still.
i float where the wind can’t rush me, and she smiles.


speaking of chasing the wind . . . our serial story continues today with Frank doing some chasing of his own. Seth has really amped up the drama this week – I hope you’re reading along! you can start from the beginning here! happy monday!

2 Responses to “long-winded”

  1. little sis February 21, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    i love the rhythm this week ab. the wind was whipping here today, too, my hair could not be tamed!

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