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dear monday me / january 24, 2011

24 Jan

a long-awaited snowy run paints your town in blinding light,
both dangerous and dirty, but still somehow serene.
the winter plays tricks on your sensibilities.

as you slide through traffic lights and dodge drippy gutters,
you think of where the week’s legs will take you:
up 30,000 feet, then down again, to sisters, real and scar-pocked.
to a kick-off, a challenge, a new nametag scripted,

and you hope, at most, to be yourself.
to be true to the still and small and not swept away by the other.

you pack your favorite boots and a trusty slip,
let nothing disingenuous sneak its way aboard.


on the horizon

21 Jan

some serious stuff is going down next week.

so much goodness you have to sit on the floor to recover.

and then you must recharge by taking advice from limp-limbed lambs.

because farm animals are wise.

and friends are beautiful.

and i’m so looking forward to seeing loads of them (and meeting more) at blissdom next week!

will you be there?

i was a baby-newbie blogger last year and appreciated every friendly smile (i’m talking to you dedra). now that i’m a mini-toddler blogger, i’d love to say hello!

i’ll be wearing this crazy logo:

secret giveaway :)

and giving away something worth, well, more than my rent check that you moms especially might really want to check out :)

so find me . . . i’ll be the one sitting on the floor.

*photos courtesy of spritibee :)

write to life

21 Jan

*joining up with lisa-jo for some more five-minute-friday fun. what a great way to stretch your writing muscles and reflect on the week. today’s prompt: write to life the most unique person you encountered while out and about this week*



it rolls of the tongue. though i’ve never heard it spoken, i know it demands a smile in saying.


kind potter, gentle salesmen, far-away merchant.

your voice i cannot hear, but your joy is evident. pride for a son who brings mere paper to life and sprouts his own wings too soon.


i trust that if i hopped a plane to san fransisco you would welcome me into your home and show me the clay, the wheel, the hands that brought this teacup to life.

that’s just the kind of guy you are. each and every mitsuko my future holds will meet my kindest smile in your honor.

the end!