dear monday me / january 17, 2011

17 Jan

under construction, the neighbors’ backyard.

from day one in this place you’ve watched them working, guessing and wondering what their place was becoming.

in august it seemed a pool, the big ditch soon to be filled with laughing children and a solemn, steady backstroke. you dreamed of taking them cookies and earning a dip “anytime . . . we’re neighbors!”

then they filled it in, not with a pool but with asphalt.

by september it seemed a deck, then october added walls.

and slowly, surely, it became.

an addition of space and comfort. the happy couple doing much of the work themselves, inspired by DIY, HGTV, and IOUs no doubt. you watch from the bathroom window – not creeping, just checking in. the neighborly thing to do.

it’s amazing what can become in a few short months.

now the lights of home lamps glow from the window, and you sleep soundly, wondering what additions are being hammered out in you.

what is becoming at your address . . .


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