virtual coffee: sip 5

2 Nov

main street, october 2010

suddenly, it’s cold.

welcome to Pennsylvania, right? i went out yesterday with my Fall jacket on and had to run back up three flights of steps to get my warmer one. highs in the 50s. Fall in PA = first month of Winter in TN.

and i kind of like it.

if we were really having coffee, i’d have to explain all this to account for my static-y hair and red nose. i would order something with hazelnut in it, and settle in.

shawnee-on-the-deleware, october 2010

i’d tell you this morning i’m thinking about my mom-in-law (the hot dog, not the pizza), who had hip surgery this morning. she’s out of surgery now and they say she did great. which is always a funny thing to say, because she (the patient) didn’t really do much during the procedure, but i’m sure she did lay very still, as long as they didn’t have an old Cubs game broadcast in the room, or behind-the-scenes footage from Dancing with the Stars. then they wouldn’t have been able to keep her on the table.

for you, Lisa!

since we couldn’t be there to help with recovery – i’m sending her these mums. they’ll look great on her porch when we come for thanksgiving!


it’s been a good, busy week since we last caught a cup together. cheers to another one ahead. i’m heading to nashville this weekend for work and some time with my sister and friends. my heart warms up just thinking about it.

what warms your heart (and toes) this week?




2 Responses to “virtual coffee: sip 5”

  1. little sis November 2, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    you do! can’t wait to see you :) the mums were a good choice!

  2. Allison @ Alli 'n Son November 2, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    Oh, have fun in Nashville! That’s one of the places on my must-visit list.

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