wednesday’s questions:

20 Oct
  • why do kathie lee and hoda where the same color? they can’t possibly both have complimentary skin tones with bright violet.
  • if i suddenly came down with a case of amnesia, would i ever be able to recover all my passwords?
  • how do they get rice in a rice cake? and can you put icing on it and still consider it a healthy snack?
  • isn’t there a rule about aerobics instructors being fit and motivating? does that apply in zumba?

aaaaaaand i’ve reached my sarcasm limit for the day.

needed to get that out of my system before soaking up the loveliness that is this weekend, no sarcasm required.

happy wednesday!


5 Responses to “wednesday’s questions:”

  1. little sis October 22, 2010 at 12:37 am #

    these questions just made mine and brooke’s pre-class day! here are some potential answers to your questions:

    1. hoda and kathie lee are crazy. enough said.
    2. you have a steel trap mind and will never forget a password.
    3. rice cakes and peanut butter, almond butter or hummus…yummy & healthy :)
    4. that is definitely a rule…also why i will never be able to be an aerobics instructor

    i can’t wait to have your sarcasm near me once again

  2. shannon October 25, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    oh dear. I LOVE your web site style. you’re cute! I hope you and AJ are having fun in the big city.

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