kong-size security

15 Oct

ahhh, the wonders of the internet.

while the word gets smaller – small enough to go to meetings in chicago from my kitchen table – it seems other things get bigger

yep. that’s me. the eight-foot version on the projector of a meeting. the downside to skyping into a meeting – they can torture you like this.

i promise i wasn’t as miserable as i look in this shot. just trying to hold still and not make any sudden movements. suffice it to say, all of my insecurities came rushing to the surface and put a chopblock on any normal thoughts trying to get through. not so good when the room of regular-sized people was asking me questions only i can answer.

i had to just, fageddaboutit. and i did. and i felt good. huge, but good. because i was eight-feet of me, today. and that was enough.

so next time you feel a bit out there, on display, insecure. just think about eight-foot abby who has something in her eye but can’t get it out until the all-day meeting ends.


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