an answer for sleepless reader

2 Oct

if you missed it last month, i’ve been called out – a truly distressed reader is seeking some help. she needs a name for her new blog. since the real dear abby is busy, she’s asking me. *gulp*. read her query here – and now, my response.

since it’s been so long, i’m included dear reader’s words in it-all-icks.

drumroll, puh lease.



dear troubled reader,

first i must apologize for my tardiness. in an attempt to channel the real dear abby, i spent the last month pretending you sent me this via snail mail and then that i couldn’t find a stamp.

you’re letter begins with a riddle:

i’m about to embark on a life-changing journey to an undisclosed location filled with tall trees, heavy rainfall, seahawks, and vampires.

tricky. i assumed you were headed to seattle, but was puzzled by the lack of reference to the anatomy of grey and her lovable surgeon friends. i guess i’ll let that slide. beautiful destination, though.

i’ll be investing some time and a chunk of something else in becoming more of the renaissance woman that i already am in order to make more ambiguous my impending future.

i love a good renaissance woman – lots of ideas for your conundrum flowing here. “seattle & sensibility,” for example? not loving it yet.

in response to my ever-transient lifestyle, the general public has demanded that they know what is happening – in general – while i inhabit said undisclosed place and eat the fruits from its tree of knowledge.

this is understandable. you seem very interesting and very complex with a wealth of knowledge and new experiences to share. your public deserves this window into your new world. what about, “transient treasures?” nah, too close to other words abbreviated to tranny. perhaps, “window to the wind,” invoking the promise of further travels and changes? hmmm . . . let’s press on.

the blog will be filled with musings from cosmetic to divine. it will show pretty copyrighted pictures, offer delicious stolen recipes, and convey critiques of print and media of many (though not all) shapes and sizes. it will give good advice. in a word, it will be me.

i can see why you’ve struggled for a name thus far. there is so much at stake! we are talking about the future title of your bestselling, award-winning book here. i’ve put a lot of thought into this, and i hope you will take my final thoughts into consideration as you name your baby blog.

you currently inhabit the city of seattle, which, to some, is known as the emerald city. your travels will surely take you elsewhere in life, so i would hate to limit you to just that locale.

but what about running with that – the emerald city. dorothy and her friends. the flying monkeys. with all the uncertainty in your future and the many-varied interests your blog will represent, you need something grounded to hold onto – you need to follow the yellow brick road. you are a modern day dorothy in a land of opportunity and adventure.

ideas for your final consideration:

  • yellow brick road
  • by the yellow brick go i (my personal favorite)
  • yellow brick living
  • emerald highway

i picture beautiful colors and a never-ending adventure in store for your blog and your readers.

sign me up.


your humble advice guru


One Response to “an answer for sleepless reader”

  1. Mom October 2, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    I like them all and am not sure Modern Day Dorothy was actually a suggestion but I like it the best. Oh you are a good advice guru!!

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