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dear monday me / september 27, 2010

27 Sep

september has a rolling ring, it builds, preparing for what’s next.

if sung in operatic, it leaves you feeling rocked by the vibration.

if whispered, it’s sibilant echo hangs in the air, not ready to leave.

if harshly accentuated, its syllables split, it marches on, the tempo refusing to fall with the season.

maybe you were rocked by the month, ready for it to end. maybe you’d prefer it hang around longer, stretch out the pleasant into what’s next. or maybe you need the steady march to keep up the rhythm of day to day to day.

the month is yours, to finish as you wish. say it how you like, and say it loud. take ownership of these days, 30, 31, 28. there are surprises in the space between calendar sheets.


small victory in the arts and crafts corner

24 Sep

since i started this new “venture” we’ll call it, i’ve noticed my eyes and head are pretty exhuasted by the end of the day. the computer screen gets to me now more than it did when i was in the office, walking around, going to meetings, doing other things. so by the time evening rolls around, i need something non-computer to occupy my time.

“why not take up knitting?” you might ask.

you’ll have to direct that question to the half-knit scarf that has been in the top of my childhood closet since 7th grade.

nope, knitting not for me. something about the hand-eye coordination and preciseness involved doesn’t gel. i’m a bite more . . . abstract.

so i tried this little doozy while watching some funny tv last night. i could laugh but didn’t have to stare at the screen – win!

we went from this (a months worth of cardboard rolls):

to this (a puppy dog? a monster?):

not what i was going for.

so i rearranged:

much better!

i glued/stapled it together:

and voila:

in the end – it took mostly staples, and is way less even than the sample version (see tutorial for real directions i did NOT follow), BUT – it’s something on the wall and i like it! i also *may* have had to re-staple it this morning when i got up and a few petals fell to the ground . . .

it’s a work in progress, and cost zero buckaroonies. and is recyclable. that’s my kind of art.

what do you think?

a little face lift

21 Sep

no not the lifestyle lift.

just a little makeover for da ole blog.

whatcha think?

click around and let me know – some new stuff in the tabs up top, too!

happy glee returns day!