on wednesdays

29 Sep

if the week is a bell curve, wednesday is an A.

but no one uses the bell curve anymore, do they? it’s neither fair nor logical – and neither is wednesday.

it’s long and crowded, but the end is on the horizon and if you squint you can see it coming.

i secretly love wednesdays.

yesterday, a tuesday, i had a run in my hose and anxious in my stomach. but no one noticed. i’m again thankful for my pale skin – the color of translucent hose. i put the anxious to rest with wit and charm not my own, but channeled from a stronger me and the truth that you can keep eggs in many, pretty-colored baskets.

today i turned on the fan so i could bundle up in a new sweater. pacing myself for the wednesday ahead, not wanting to crowd the work that needs to be done and the people i need to connect with.

i’m a lucky girl, in ways i don’t know or understand, and today, a wednesday, i just want to love.

hope you have a wednesday worth loving. don’t crowd the good stuff.

2 Responses to “on wednesdays”

  1. little sis September 29, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    i’ll look to you for advice any day of the week, sister. but now my wednesdays will be highlighted with joyful thoughts of you cuddled up in front of a fan in a cozy sweater…thoughtfully planning your day and how to alot the deserved time to all things wednesday.

    now, i’ll make an effort to do the same…maybe even sit in front of my fan in a cozy sweater. we’ll see :)

  2. Mom September 30, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    I love my girls!

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