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dear abby leigh (for real!)

24 Aug

oh irony, you well-coiffured weasel.

the real dear abby

my attempt at a clever pun has come back to bite me – i have received a real “dear abby” letter. in fairness to my muse ms. van buren, i suppose i should answer.

disclosure: i am in no way authorized to give anyone advice on anything.

ann and abigail had fun giving advice, why can't i?

so, as hilary duff once said, why not?!

dear abby leigh,

i’m so glad to have found you on the World Wide Web. i had written that spinster Abby long ago and either she’s too dead or too slow to respond, because i have yet to receive any insight on the issue at hand. who has time for print these days anyway? not me, which is the exact reason for me writing you.

you see, i’m about to embark on a life-chaning journey to an undisclosed location filled with tall trees, heavy rainfall, seahawks, and vampires. i’ll be investing some time and a chunk of something else in becoming more of the renaissance woman that i already am in order to make more ambiguous my impending future. in response to my ever-transient lifestyle, the general public has demanded that they know what is happening – in general – while i inhabit said undisclosed place and eat the fruits from its tree of knowledge. as i said before, i have no time for print and less money for stamps, especially as their cost continues to rise consistently with my followers, which i hear will soon be 45.

it’s time to begin the age-old web log, with i hear they abbrev. as “blog” in this tech savvy city. one post here, one post there, and everyone will benefit. being the renaissance woman previously mentioned, the blog will be filled with musings from cosmetic to divine. it will show pretty copyrighted pictures, offer delicious stolen recipes, and convey critiques of print and media of many (though not all) shapes and sizes. it will give good advice. in a word, it will be me. but one word really isn’t enough. i hear you need to name a blog, and that’s where you come in. well, that’s where Dear Abby came in, but she never responded. so here i lie, in your inbox, Dear Abby . . . Leigh. if you are anything like your namesake, i ask for help for my sake (and the general public’s).

so, what’s in a name? you tell me.

sleepless (over web logging) in (a completely undisclosed city).

oh my.

this could be tough.

i need some time to think. feel free to send me some ideas in the comments for our nameless blogger-to-be.



23 Aug

my parents are both siblings to just one, linking me up with 6 biological cousins. the addition of some grandchildren of my step-grandparents around my age brings the grand cousin total to around a dozen, spread out over the country. n’orleans, central ohio, illinois, indiana. living in east tennessee most of my life, this made for once a year or so hangouts. my favorite cousin memories are at this age:

conveniently, i think this is actually the correct date. maggie and i at almost four years old. climbing trees. causing trouble. wearing awesome sweatshirts. i loved summers on the farm in illinois bailing hay and feeding the horses. i didn’t love getting stung by the same bee 20 times in the barn loft wearing one such sweatshirt several years later. (i know it’s not supposed to be possible to sting more than once, but this mutant bee never heard that rumor.)

regardless – this is a post about cousins, i labeled it as such to keep me focused.

there is something special about this relationship. not siblings, not stuck together too much, but growing up together, one summer at a time. one family vacation at a time.

one perk of marrying into the barnhart family has been getting a peek at their cousinship, and technically, getting a heap of new ones. this week we got to see most of the cousins on one side of luke’s family. this encounter between luke and his 7 yr old cousin henry is just too wonderful not to document:

the boys helmet up for their driveway luge attempt

gaining speed

they zoom past, luke steers with henry's head

approaching a perilous curve

no problems

walk of victory

i just can’t get over that red helmet flying down the driveway. henry was our entertainment all week. i leave you with this gem.

hug a cousin!

catching up

23 Aug

a little rundown of what i’ve been up to since the first of august:

  • driven over 60 hours across 10 states
  • packed, moved, and unpacked approximately 2 trillion boxes (guesstimating, but pretty close)
  • took first ever two week vacation . . . one of the benefits of “transition unemployment”
  • spent a good chunk of time at the Pennsylvania DMV dreaming up a one-stop-shop for changing your address/license/plates/bank/etc.
  • got sufficiently lost a sufficiently embarrassing number of times in our new town
  • swam a quarter mile across a lake we later learned contained some territorial snapping turtles
  • helped my littlest sister perfect her outfit for the first day of junior high
  • bought a romper
  • cooked chickpea curry for 15 family members
  • made enough rice for 100 family members (whoops!)
  • ate an apple dumpling and ice cream the size of my head
  • also ate a belgian waffle with strawberries of equal enormity
  • learned that platz is German for place – and that this town loves a good festival
  • settled into a new home!

more to come on all these adventures. happy to be back in bethlehem, reconnected to the digi-world, and ready to dig in. happy monday!