dear monday me / july 5, 2010

5 Jul

embrace being a bit oblivious.

music, dancing, a beautiful wedding, a great night at the movies.

you can get lost in the best sense of the term.

the mirror falls and you see only through your eyes, no reflection bounces back.

in these rare moments, you channel the toddler – so sure of herself she attempts to carry things twice her size, steps into the giant hoola hoop completely certain that somehow, she’ll be able to do as the big girls do.

blinders are completely acceptable when they allow you to truly be. why not start a collection of blinders: one set for dancing with friends in front of people you don’t know, one for showing the true effect of a sentimental scene, one for professing your true feelings, and an especially bright pair for intense brainstorming sessions.

this week you need to be you, without worrying what that you looks like to passerby A and co-worker B. even loved ones C & D will survive without their particular image of you being taken into consideration this week.

awareness is for the birds. birds who clean themselves in public and profess their love at the highest volume no matter what the hour or mood? maybe this for the birds business needs rethinking . . .


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