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dear monday me / behind the scenes

17 May

you knew you wanted to, but weren’t sure how.

to right the pattern of lazing, uninspired,

to make it actually happen often(er) than never.

to write again, for the first time in this new space – this sphere already inhabited by so many talented voices.

it would take a smidge of seriousness and a splash of self-confidence, but mostly just a good shovel, for tunneling out that which needed escaping.

finally you decided: let it be what it will – labeless and mercurial.

the truth you could feel: it just needed to be.

for your sake, however, you knew you’d need help. the best of intentions, well, you’d seen how that goes.

so a goal, a target, a deadline of sorts, emerges, and mondays are reborn, redeemed.

your chance to be consistent and, more importantly, to be straight, honest, personal . . . with you.

now you can’t escape her – this monday voice – her whisper is deadening, it rings like a gong, but in the silence after the tones, you find peace. she tells you what you need to hear, in those burrowing tunnels – shines a spotlight on the muddiest corners.

this schizophrenia: it’s cheaper than therapy, and much more fun. for in talking to yourself, you’ve again found a voice.

let it be what it will: it just needs to be.


dear you,

i’ve had such fun writing these monday notes to myself – might i suggest you try it yourself? i’d love to know that others are finding the time and voice to give themselves a little pep talk, reality check, or just a figurative hug on monday mornings. try it here in the comments, on your own blog, in a journal, in your head. just let me know if you are, i want to share my monday mojo!




good, bad, delicious

13 May

the good news: i finally succeeded in baking a load of banana bread that did not implode on itself or remain mushy in the middle after hours of baking

the bad news: this loaf of banana bread also did not multiply, in miraculous fashion, and made our small apartment about 900 degrees (fahrenheit, of course)

but oh, was it delicious.

hoping this busy week has some good & delicious parts for you as well!

dear monday me / may 10 2010

10 May

there are weeks that wear you out.

sometimes with sadness, the weight of much woe.

others with joy, leaving cheeks sore from smiles.

wearing weeks. full but exhausting.

where is the balance, between the heavies?

the flood of emotions leaves both destruction and hope in its wake.

choose to wear the wake of hope this week.

it’s your color. trust me.