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saturday’s survival kit

20 Apr

saturday is the day.

half marathon numero tres.

let’s recap:

numero uno: walk/run, rolling in at 2:20, happy abby at the finish line.
numero dos: full run, no stops, 2:07 finish, delirious, loopy abby in the medical tent for an hour post-race, serious salt-deficiency discovered.

so where does that leave me this year? prepared. and pumped.

here’s my survival kit:

#1: a good hat is essential for my short-hair. i’ll be sporting pigtails under this puppy. plus, it’ll probably be raining, so this will keep that rat hair at bay.

#2: salt. apparently when you sweat out all your salt your body freaks out. or at least mine does. so i’ll be carrying these little guys to keep replenished, and out of the medi-tent.

#3: something bright. it’s amazing how many people run the country music half and marathon. it’s insane, and i get lost in the crowd. i wouldn’t want my 3 fans to miss me as i run by, so i’ll be wearing this (but not quite filling it out as well):

#4: something to chew on: 13.1 miles takes a little while. i get bored and need a boost, and something to snack on. these little guys are pretty tasty – like a gummy bear with a caffeine kick. kels and i will chompin’ on these in pomegranate and bluberry!

i’ll be ready. here’s to hoping this clears up

and we have a beautiful day to run.

third times a charm, right?


dear monday me / april 19 2010

19 Apr

sometimes, you tell yourself, it’s best to just sit this one out,

let the choir handle the a cappella verse.

you aren’t sure your shaky squeaks have a place in the harmony.

others are certain.
on key.

maybe humming is more appropriate for a voice such as yours.
it’s lovely, in its own way.
but just
a little

there are times for humming, and for listening to the space between notes,
but when a song sneaks up from your soul – wily and unwavering,

you should sing.

whatever notes your little voice can carry – keyless, erratic, drawn awry by those around you.
take a spoonful of certainty to wash away the woe, and let your melody find its place in the song.

pre(wedding) season

15 Apr

i love spring.

flowers, sandals, sun, and weddings.

i love weddings! nothing better than seeing a couples’ quirksonalities (new wordjam thankyouverymuch) come out and celebrate with them on such a wonderful day. i also have a theory about photogenic fairies that descend on wedding days, but that’s another story.

since i’m one of those crazy kids who got married super young, i’ve never been in any wedding but my own (unless you count the time i got to cut the groom’s cake, but that was only because the couple felt bad for asking my sister to sing and not me. i don’t blame them. i can’t sing. i can’t cut cake either, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone).

this june, i get to celebrate the wedding of one of my dearest high school friends and the beau she’s been with since way back then. last weekend we kicked off wedding season with a shower extraordinaire!

i should have taken more pictures of the food, but i was busy eating it. let me just tell you, southern baptists know how to lay a shower spread, and “fellaship” . . .

. . . and wrap a present. look at that flower bow!

most of all it was wonderful to celebrate our friend valarie. we showered her with this treat i found via my bff Pioneer Woman, and picked up from the Cake Pan Lady! It says “From the Kitchen of Mrs. Mills,” so she’ll never lose it at one of those potlucks she’ll be fellashippin at.

what a beautiful friend! i can say that since i knew her when we were both lookin’ pretty rough! cheers to wedding season.