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the best kind of birth control

20 Feb

i’m about to watch 3 little boys

ages small, smaller, and tiny

for 4 hours.

if you don’t hear from me soon,

bring coffee.


the day the gateway died

18 Feb

. . . or at least retired.

a long, hard life

the year was 2005. i arrived home to find a machine on the kitchen table, a machine foreign but enticing. i couldn’t resist its pull, especially with a pre-loaded screensaver flashing my name and a note from dear dad. he bought me a gateway.

remember 2005? when to the average east tennessean an apple was a shiny red piece of fruit and mac was a makeup brand you might could buy in the big city. no one in my corner of the world wanted more than a working pc for college. and that’s what i got.

we had some good times. 3 years of college and hundreds of pictures stored on one beautiful hard drive. i know it was beautiful because i saw it, when the black-tied member of the geek squad handed it to me in a plastic bag with a “sorry sucker” look on his face. crashed. exam week. i had it coming.

the new and improved gateway (she had some work done . . . but don’t tell anyone), stuck it out for almost 2 more years, struggling through sickness & health, to a ripe old age. i tried to respect her maturity, not rushing her through her half-hour waking up routine or the times when the work was so hard she just fell asleep on the spot, taking a 10 minute nap before coming back to life. i understood that weight of a long life and tried to learn from her wisdom.

i learned patience. and i practiced that patience. waiting for the right time, the right way to tell her it was time. time to lay down the anti-virus software and call it a day. i hope she isn’t intimidated by the young whippersnapper – although this new girl is very chic and trendy.

i owe a lot to my trusty, err, long-suffering gateway. may she have a long and happy retirement.


16 Feb

say it slow.

oak. anna. duh. (pause) think about it (pause) and (pause) there you go.

oh canada

round about the time of the last olympics, we were honeymooning in whistler. the same little village they keep showing glimpses of on nbc – that was our stomping ground for four beautiful days. we hiked “the locals’ route” which turned out to be a 5 hour excursion in which i almost died from the malicious sting of an evil canadian bee. besides that bee, i loved canada.

i loved the australian receptionist at our hotel, right in the heart of whistler village. i loved walking to breakfast at the beet root cafe, walking to lunch and dinner at any number of charming restaurants which could have been all over the world if they weren’t where we were in whistler (say that one out loud). indian one night, french the next. mongolian somewhere in between. top it off with the most perfect crepe breakfast served by an authentically adorable french waitress and i just might buy a one-way ticket back there tomorrow.

really real

this is real, really.

i think that’s all i need for happiness. streets to walk and food to keep me motivated and someone to make sure i’m awake for the best parts of the games. the mountains and cordial international community were also lovely.  this week as i fall asleep on the couch trying to stay awake for these olympics, i’ll be heading back to whistler. only wake me if ohno is racing. i like to yell his name at the tv with varying inflections.

ohnoooo . . .


ooooh NO!

oh canada. we’ll be back soon.